Temptation Suppression
adidas skateboarding & monster children magazine
Tokyo is hard as hell to skate.
With amazing architecture comes 24-hour security, 14 million people clogging up the streets, and island humidity that will soak your clothes in 2 minutes flat.
And don’t forget about the constant stimulation… In a city where temptation rests on every corner—from street-side vending machines that serve beer and cigarettes to sex shops that sell any type of fetish your fucked up mind requires—it’s important to practice a little restraint every once in awhile to keep your eye on the prize. The adidas Skateboarding squad put their temptations aside for a week and pulled off some of the best skateboarding the city’s ever seen. Kanpai, homies!
Filmed, directed and edited by Michael Cukr
Produced by Kevin Duffel
Photography by Andrew James Peters
Color grade by Neil Perry
Title design by Jason Domancie
Music: Corbo, Six Finger Hand, and Daichi Yamamoto
Special thanks to Kerry Fisher, Glenn Walker, Paul Shier, Laurence Keefe, and Shin Sanbongi
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