a MONSTER CHILDREN ORIGINAL, presented BY CORONA, Quiksilver and Roxy
For this Team Average adventure we put Stephanie Gilmore, Andrew Allen, Craig Anderson, Dion Agius and Dylan Rieder on a plane and sent them to the island country of Sri Lanka. There they surfed and skated and rode through the verdant hills in a bus helmed by a lunatic. They also had the time of their lives. And how could they not? Most skate/surf trips are about the frantic hunt for spots and swell, getting the photos and footage you’re contractually obligated to bring home, and that means there’s very little time to check out where in the world you are. It's not always about documenting an action-packed story; it’s about like-minded souls getting to know each other while experiencing and exploring unfamiliar and exotic lands. It’s about friendship and bonding and living in the moment. And sometimes it’s about dropping a hot one behind a palm tree.
Directed by Mike Piscitelli
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