Pete J Moore
It's been a pleasure to get to know Pete as a friend and one of our favourite collaborators. Pete’s work is alive with beautiful emotions that echo through your soul. With those big kind eyes, he tells strong visual stories through the use of stylised cinematography and natural performances. Culturally authentic and true to his core, Pete’s versatile filmmaking approach works across any category for brands great and small. Always amazing to see Pete’s charm inspiring proud performances in the whole team and we are beyond excited to make more films with this guy. Monster Children represents Pete Moore on a non-exclusive arrangement in Australia.
Coco-Cola – Topo chico
Powerful frequency.
Art Haus Collections
This place.
Sony – Pink Floyd
Viva la vinyl.
The more we feel.
Paspaley – Lily Sullivan
Something real.
Always forward.
Byron Bay Brewery
Go With It.
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