PEOPLE: Arielle Gamble
Monster Children
Arielle Gamble hated it when the fat bastards on their mobility scooters poisoned the trees in town.
Almost as much as she hated scooping maggots from a dying sheep’s back, thanks to her neighbour’s negligence: “Local piece of work Julie forgot to vaccinate her sheep at the onset of summer. Julie can go fuck herself.”
Despite the Sydney based artist and designer’s feelings towards Julie and co., it’s an almost affectionate brand of vitriol that’s aimed at fellow residents in her black humour-ridden zine, A Year In A (Shit) Country Town. Filled with stained glass window style black pen illustrations, the newspaper plays out as an ode to what Arielle describes as “the roughness and tenderness, the ugly and beautiful” parts of Australian culture.
Director: Jam Hassan
DOP: Sam Brumby
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