the mountains are waiting
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The mountains are waiting.
Still yet breathing.
They wait not for us, but for the unknown.
The pursuit of solitude.
Adventures un-ventured.
Courageous hearts beating.
And those moments in between.
The mountains are waiting.
In silence, they tower.
Remembering their time with us.
And those times to come.
Spoken by Jossi Wells, New Zealand Olympian freestyle skier
Director: Jam Hassan
Editor: Stewart Arnott
Second Unit Director: Luke Kneller
Cinematography: Marcus Skin, Sam Brumby, Luke Kneller, Jam Hassan
Creative Director: Chris Searl
Art Director: Matt Pike
Sound Post-Production: Sonar Music (Tim Bridge, Sophie Haydon, Haylee Poppi)
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Music composition: David McCormack and Matteo Zingales
Voice Recording: Radio Wanaka
Voice: Jossi Wells
Special thanks to Gizelle Regan, Jessie Byrne, Jamie Brewer
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