dear scotty
It usually takes hitting rock bottom for an intervention to place, and Australia’s black summer of bushfires was exactly that.
This is the cost of doing nothing: an ecological and economic disaster for Australia, whose leaders continue to advocate for the burning of coal and fossil fuels. Our prime minister, Scott Morrison, has copped a lot over the last six months, and for good reason—despite 17 million hectares of our country being burnt, communities and lives destroyed, and the death of over a billion animals, he still has no credible emissions or energy policy. Zero, zilch, nada. We’re falling behind the rest of the world, and it’s no longer just embarrassing, it’s catastrophic.
Alongside Greenpeace, we gathered together Australian actors, musicians, athletes, and bushfire survivors for a new spot, Dear Scotty. The intervention-style message, pieced together from all across the country, calls out our prime minister, asking him to do better, for everyone’s sakes: ‘You’re a family man; what sort of world do you want your daughters growing up in?’
It’s time to stop treating the symptoms, and time to start addressing the causes of climate change. You know that, we know that, and here’s hoping through initiatives like this, ScoMo will finally get his head out of the sand too. Check out the video above, then head to the Dear Scotty website to send a message of your own to our Prime Minister.
Agency, Monster Children Creative
Associate Creative Director: Matthew Pike
Project Director: Kieran Burke
Digital Director: Jam Hassan
Commercial Director: Jamie Brewer 

Production Company, Monster Children Films
Director: Chris Searl
Producer: Helen Morahan
Executive Producer: Jam Hassan
DOP: Sam Brumby
Sound Recordist: Adam Roberts
Production Manager: Rebecca Keros
Edit: Monster Children Films 
2nd unit cameras: Tom Cole, Max Zappas
Sound Post-Production: Sam Brumby
Production assistants: Maddy Hassan, Ali Klinkenberg, Dale Robinson

Special thanks to: Spencer McAllon, Tamara Cassey, Nicky Goozee, Grant Goozee, Monica Mudge, Sienna Condie, Annabell Bomford, King Poolman, Anja Adams, Margie McKeon, Glenn Findley, Kiah Findley, Ros Vidgen, Michael Van Ewijk, Amanda and Alya Walsh, Claire Kuvalja, Lucey Passwell, Colin Ashford, Jack Morahan Saliba, Aaron More, Hannah More, Charlotte More, Jayden More, Michael Mobbs, Billy Otto, Russell Bierke, Laura Wells, Ryan Fitzgerald, Dyson Heppell, Kris Andrew Small, Blake Johnston, Sue Pike, Auntie Elaine Widders, Auntie Ethel Hoskins, Auntie Marge, Richard Widderson aka Lady Gargles, Auntie Marjorie Smith-Vale, Matt Cherubino, Hayley Talbot, Julia Wheeler, Toby Cregan, DJ Tigerlily, Ashleigh Brewer, Children Collide, Jarrad Seng, Simon Baker, Julia Stone, Angourie Rice, Kinder, Geraldine Viswanathan and the Lake Conjola Community.
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