Someplace else
Someplace Else is a collective of free wheelin’ fun lovin’ and talented individuals - surfers Ozzie Wright and Dylan Graves, musician Hanni El Khatib, skateboarder Andrew Brophy and artists Jeff Canham and Rose Ashton – pulled together by Corona Extra for a bus trip down the forgotten back roads of the Mexican coast. The mission was to find the common threads that bind creative souls.
So, six strangers piled into a decommissioned transporter for seven days and seven nights, traveling dusty wastelands, surfing, skating, painting and jamming from dawn to dusk, meeting locals along the way, getting lost and experiencing the true heart and soul of Mexico. By trips end they had forged brilliant friendships and banked memories that would last a lifetime.
Director: Riley Blakeway
Creative Director: Chris Searl
Producer: Sally Quade
Project Director: Kieran Burke
DOP: Brett Brown
Stills photographer: Chris Searl
1st AC: Oliver Black
Digital Media: Jam Hassan
Underwater DOP: Alejandro Berger
Line Producer: Raul Chapa
Production Assistant: Fernanda Igartua
Runner: Carlos Gonzalez
Bus Driver: Amarndo
Van Driver: Ricardo Fletes
Van Driver: Fransisco Fletes
Grade & Online: Method
Sound Mix: Milon Williams at Rachana Music
Titles: Jeff Canham
Title Animation: Mark Blondel
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