One Foot in Front of The Other
BEN GILLES - Music video
A love story, with hooves. 
Director - Luke Shanahan
Producer - Jam Hassan
DP - Andrew Gough 
Vibe Master / Runner - Ben Gillies
1AC - Hannah Klassek
2AC - Wes Grant 
Gaffer – Jay McNeill 
Grip – Dave Griffiths
Production Coordinator - Tom Cole
Gaffer/Grip Assist – Chris Moore
Editor - Stu Morley (The Editors)
Post producer – Liv Reddy (The Editors)
Colourist – Fergus Rotherham 
SFX and Model Design - Simon Ingerson (Yippee Ki-Yay)
Camera Gear - Lemac
Special thanks to Our incredible talent (Charlie Garber, Rebecca Montalti, Walt & Rudy), Jackie Gillies, Earthwalker Cafe, Anthony & Charlotte Kelly and PropCo
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